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The Launch of the ‘PINK PARK VILLAGE’ 2014 by the QSCBC FOUNDATION.

Our story began when Her Majesty the Queen requested a ‘sanctuary for all women in need’ suffering from breast cancer, which led to ‘The Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer’ [QSCBC] being established as a leading regional centre in this field. The facility offers state-of-the-art equipment and the most modern approaches to the diagnosis, treatment and research, into a disease which has become Thailand’s biggest cancer risk for Thai women. In 2007, the QSCBC Foundation, a non-profit organization, was founded to support the work of the centre

The QSCBC has for twenty years educated and cared for the most under-privileged women with breast cancer in society. This depth of experience has revealed an urgent need for a convalescence home and hospice for those who are deprived of any quality of care due to a lack of financial means and familial support. Our aim is to create a place where a person, once screened for eligibility from anywhere in the country, can recover from treatment away from the slums or indeed pass away with dignity, without pain, in a clean and welcoming environment. The QSCBC foundation’s vision is to build a non-profit facility called the ‘Pink Park Village’ on kindly donated land in Minburi, which will fulfill this desperate need in society.

The architectural plans are already completed for small homes, which will cater for 4-6 patients in a non-institutionalized setting for both hospice and convalescence. The Pink Park Village will also offer day care and act as a training unit for medical and nursing staff. The Pink Park Village land is already being partially cultivated for rice and other organic produce by farmers, to ensure this will be a self-sustaining project, but which also, most importantly , involves the local community.

We have seen at first hand those who have had to face recovery or death from cancer in abject squalor; it is therefore imperative that these deprived people receive the support they so desperately need. Our wish is to enable those , when feasible, to return to work and care for their families and allow those who sadly cannot, to have a peaceful and pain free death in clean and safe environment. Often these patients have been forced to stay in hospital beds because they simply have no where to go, thereby blocking new patients from being diagnosed and treated more quickly. The Pink Park Village will therefore be of huge benefit, by releasing vital acute hospital beds at the QSCBC and at other hospitals nationally.

Our broad vision is to build Thailand’s first and only non-profit holistic care centre for breast cancer patients called “Pink Park Village” where there will be hospice and convalescence home for the most underprivileged, day care & activity centre for breast cancer patients and learning & training centre for all. The ultimate aim is also to establish a centre of excellence for diagnosis. The concept is based upon the present evidence and trends relevant to breast cancer. In the near future the diagnosis and the consequential management of this disease will inevitably depend on not only imaging technologies but also upon laboratory and molecular results. These modern methods are expensive and highly complicated, certainly beyond the resources of any single institution. The centre will function as an advanced diagnostic leader which would act as a benchmark for the region, giving up-to-date and honest answers. We want Pink Park Village to be a place of hope and care, and a truely genuine “sanctuary for all women in need”

We would like you to join what we believe is a very valuable cause to alleviate the suffering of so many.

Dr. Kris Chatamra

Dr. Kris Chatamra MBBS [London], FRCS[England],M.D.[London]
Director of the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer
Founder & Chairman of Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation

project concept
This is a place perfectly embraced by mother nature, where greenery and peace meet, where mind can be at ease, a place where heart can truly call "Home". Pink Park Village will blend with the surrounding in harmony, with rice fields and organic farms that create jobs for local villagers as well as supply quality products for our community. There will be public area and private area within Pink Park Village, the balanced zoning concept allows public access while maintaining privacy for Pink Park Village residents. Part of the estate will be preserved for future development.