Pink Park Village

Pink Park Village
(Pink Park Village)

       Over twenty years of experience working on special outreach projects in the slum communities of greater Bangkok on breast [ and cervical] cancer education, screening and treatment programmes, in addition to the daily patient caseload of the QSCBC, showed the urgent need for a specialized facility to be created. The QSCBC Foundation has therefore raised funds to build ‘Pink Park’ on 121 rai of donated land near Minburi, which will be the first convalescence and hospice home, offering a holistic approach to care for the poorest patients nationally. Patients will be able to recover from treatment and receive full rehabilitation support for their physical and emotional needs, without occupying urgently needed hospital beds for weeks. Some patients will also have a sanctuary to pass away with dignity, pain free, fully supported emotionally and far away from the squalid conditions of the slums or their homes beneath road bridges.


       A complex of low rise buildings built in landscaped gardens, commenced in 2016, has especially designed ‘end of life’ and convalescence homes and an activity/day centre for occupational therapy and also the development of life skills; in addition to staff accommodation and space for educational seminars for staff development in all areas of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and palliative care. A specialized and innovative cancer rehabilitation centre which will offer the full range of psychological and physical therapies is being planned. The patients will be selected by an independent committee, ensuring that only the patients most in need will be accepted at Pink Park and also the good stewardship of donated funds. Pink Park aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible by using renewable energy and is planting hundreds of donated trees. *121 rai of land was kindly donated by Boonsomsuk Jaruwatthana


consists of Pink Park Village


     Hospice Centre
               Some patients will not have had access to breast cancer screening and treatment in time, due to lack of funds and fear of being disgnosed with a disease which they believe cannot be treated. These patients will be offered  emotional support, in a clean environment away from the squalid conditions of the slums and pain free, to pass away with dignity.

     Convalescence Centre
               Many of the patients from rural areas who have no where to stay during the weeks needed for the treatment of breast cancer at the QSCBC, live rough in unsuitable conditions often under road bridges. Other patients will be living in appalling conditions in the slums without any support.The convalescence centre will offer a home during treatment for these underprivileged patients. If patients are able to be kept in  acute hopsital beds during treatment, they  also prevent new urgent patients being admitted; the convalescence centre will alleviate this problem.

     Cancer Rehabilitation Centre
               The centre will offer a holistic approach to care with full psychological and physical treatment to patients, including physiotherapy and psychiatric support.Rehabilitation may involve helping a patient with depression to aid their recovery; the care offered will acknowledge that each individual will suffer differently in response to breast cancer. Every aspect of each a patient's well being will be supported to allow them to return to a better quality of life on discharge.

     Day Care and Activity Centre
               Patients at Pink Park will have occupational therapy as a support to their treatment. New life-skills and other activities will be offered to improve their lives once they have been discharged.

     Learning and Training Centre
               Training courses and seminars on the most modern ideas for palliative and end of life care will be arranged for health professionals, volunteers and the public. The holistic approach to care used at  Pink Park will be be shared to improve the standard of patient support in Thailand.